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    And then there's the Cliff Walk...  
These pictures just can't do it justice.

The Cliff Walk is a forty-five minute stroll along the cliffs that guard Ardmore from the bitter Atlantic.

It's a very pleasant hike and I've done it several times so far. Nothing beats the view, the sweet fresh air, and the quiet.
This, I will truly miss.


The Castle in the picture above is not the real deal. The only real fortification in Ardmore is the Round Tower.

This was built by the Irish Coast Guard as a lookout post in 1867. Still old, but not ancient. In the background and out of focus, it looks pretty authentic.


The shot here on the left is not from the cliff walk. This was taken near the Round Tower in an ancient cemetary.

It's remarkable to me how organic and alive everything is in Ireland.

Even a cold stone wall sprouts life from every crevice.

  Nature's beauty is unmistakable here.  

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