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I think it's time I introduced a few of the characters who played in this all-star cast.

I guess we'll start with family...

Again, this is Michael Hennessy. Michael works at Waterford Crystal, and to say he likes sports would be the understatement of the century. Michael breathes sports. Together we would watch a few Gaelic games on TV each Sunday, and share an excellent home cooked meal. Made by Michael I have to add. He makes a mean roast.


Michael is impossible to understand sometimes. He speaks very fast, has a thick accent and stutters. It takes a little getting used to.

..but it's nothing that a few pints can't fix, and he and I shared many a round.


This is Michael's wife, Breda.

Breda is the chef at Paddy Mac's, Ardmore's famous locale, and my resting place most afternoons.

Breda is responsible for starting the rumor that I was Michael's illegitimate son, now reunited with my father. This rumor spread quite quickly, and ended up a reoccurring joke throughout the rest of my stay.

So that makes her my Step-Mom.

(For the record, I am not related to anyone in Ardmore by blood or marriage...)


My Sista' Lorraine and
my Brutha' Jamie.

(If you think Jamie looks a little drunk in this shot... he is.)


Michael has five brothers and six sisters...

I didn't get to meet them all (many of them are spread out over the globe), but I did meet more than half.

Unfortuately, I don't have pictures of all the ones I met, but here's a few...


Here I am with John Hennessy. John is a much better golfer than I am, and he's better at Billards than I am when I'm drunk.

More on that later...


This is "Uncle Chippy."(above)
"Chippy" is a member of the local volunteer fire squad. It's a small town, so all they do is shout everybody's name a few times and they all come running.
I'd bump into him constantly. I didn't even have to raise my voice.

When he and Michael talk, they're impossible to follow.


This is Declan. He's the Bar Manager at Paddy Mac's.

Oh, he may look harmless, but he is a diabolical practical joker, and I will get him back some day.


As far as the Hennessy family goes, I have only begun to get my toes wet. The family is enormous. Of course, that's part of the reason I was able to get
so involved so quickly.

These people really did make me feel like part of the family, and therefore also a part of the community.

There's some more characters
in the community to introduce...


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