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        "But where did you stay?, " you might be asking.

Where else but...

An Triantán
Bed & Breakfast

Home of the
most energetic
children on Earth.

(...and probably the
best breakfast in the
known universe.)


The B&B I stayed in was own and run by the Supple Family, or as I like to call them,
"Team Breakfast."


That's John & Maireád Supple, and John's Mother Laura.

Everyday, fresh baked bread, eggs lovingly prepared, and of course, all the rest that goes along with the enormous meal they call an Irish breakfast.

Laura's fresh baked scones are so good, that songbirds would come and perch in the window when I ate them.

Yes, these scones are that good.


Continuous entertainment in the house was provided by
Jenny & Sarah

          The girls are absolute sweethearts, but don't let their calm exteriors fool you, these girls pack a whallop.        


Their energy is ceasless. To save money John and Maireád are building an extension on the house with a small power plant and two little treadmills.


This is John's brother Mike and his wife Anne.

He bears a striking resemblance to Brian Wilson of Beach Boys fame. Mike has no idea what Brian Wilson looks like, so though I'd prove my point.

I'm convinced.

Once again, these people took me in, allowed me to become a part of their daily lives.
They made it easy to feel right at home.

...and we haven't even gotten to lunch!


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